Costa Rica Rural Community Empowerment Project

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phase 2 (2006-2007): agro-trail production on arturos farm

Phase II 

During Phase II 2006-2007 Solidifying and Expanding the Alliance, the project advanced the alliance to seeking external federal funding from federal and foundation granting agencies for a 5-year period.

The following research questions were used to guide Phase II:

  1. How can 'tourism' and 'agriculture' be combined to create models of empowerment for rural farmers in Costa Rica that have potential application in other Latin American countries?

  2. In Costa Rica, what are the most effective models of sustainable value- added agro-tourism to support economic and social empowerment of small scale organic coffee farmers?

  3. In Canada, what are the most effective 'educational and awareness' activities to promote Direct Trade coffee production models.

  4. Are there similar activism-based research projects in operation in other Latin American countries with whom we can collaborate and expand our alliance?

Our work in Costa Rica during this phase has resulted in the creation of interpretation trails on one organic farm, as well as the initiation agro-tourism educational tours and home-stay accommodation on local organic-in-the-shade coffee farms.